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Monday, 6 June 2016

Queensland Road Trip 6: Malanda & Platypus, Riflebird, Tree-Kangaroo

Victoria's Riflebird
On the last morning of our stay at Possum Valley (see following two posts) I finally had some nice encounters with Platypus, seeing a total of 4 animals on 2 of the 3 small lakes on the property.


 Paul told us he has seen presumably displaced platypus making their way through forest in search of waterways.

Possum Valley Roadblock
On our way out we were delayed a little by a tree which had fallen over the road.

Mt Hypipamee Crater
We called in at Mt Hypipamee National Park, admiring the awesome crater that never fails to inspire.

Bromfiield's Swamp
We moved on to the dairying town of Malanda for a 3-night stay in the Malanda Falls Caravan Park, passing Bromfield's Crater on the way. This is a nicely positioned park by the falls and river on the edge of the Malanda Falls Reserve, with two walking trail circuits through rainforest close by.

Malanda Falls
Our visit to Malanda coincided with a pleasant weather change from the drizzly, misty conditions that prevailed in the region for several days earlier, including our visit to Possum Valley.

Atherton Scrubwren
There more Atherton Scrubwrens here, along with Large-billed Scrubwrens.

Macleay's Honeyeater
Macleay's Honeyeaters were on the rainforest edge in the park.

Bower's Shrike-thrush
Bower's Shrike-thrushes were present on one of the circuit trails, affording better views than at Possum Valley.

Double-eyed Fig-Parrot
We visited the Nerada Tea Plantation where a small flock of Double-eyed Fig-Parrots was feeding in a fig tree.

Pied Monarch
Pied Monarch was nice to see on the second circuit trail at Malanda Falls. I heard both Masked Owl and Sooty Owl around the camping ground and on the trails but failed to see either. A pair of Bush Stone-Curlews were also present. A full list of birds at Malanda can be found here.

Victoria's Riflebird

We visited Lake Eacham National Park, doing the 3km walk through the rainforest around the lake edge. A male Victoria's Riflebird performed splendidly in the carpark.

Curtain Tree Fig
We had a look through the delightful down of Yungaburra, visited the always spectacular Curtain Tree Fig as well as Lake Tinaroo briefly.

Green Ringtail
That evening we enjoyed some local music in the Malanda pub. Later I went spotlighting and found a Green Ringtail Possum near the main road along with a few Coppery Brushtails.

Lumholtz's Tree-Kangaroo

Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo
On the final morning I returned to the Nerada Tea Plantation, seeing a female Lumholtz's Tree-Kangaroo with a pouch young perched in a strip of forest that has been a reliable site for this species for some time.

Barree Cuckoo-shrike
A flock of Barred Cuckoo-shrikes was feeding in the same fig tree that the fig-parrots had been in.

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