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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Southern Moluccas of Indonesia - Scenery and People

View from Palau Sawai, Seram
Following a series of birdy posts from our trip to the southern Moluccas and Tanimbar islands of Indonesia, some general shots of scenery, habitat and people.

Boarding the Ambon-Seram ferry

Coast on Buru Island

Aboard the Ambon-Buru ferry

Children on Buru

Pitcher Plant

Birding group on Buru
Fisherman - Yandema Island

View from our Saumlaki hotel, Tanimbars
Kai Kecil Island

Aboard the bus, Kai Besar

Kai Besar Island

Beach on Kai Cecil

Rice farm in forest, Kai Cecil

Beach on Kai Besar
Haruku Island

Bringing in the boat, Palau Lusaolde

Palau Lusaolde

Salaway River

Bathing time - Sawai Village

North Seram coast

Preparing durians - Sawai

Our lodge in Sawai Village 

Palau Sawai

Sawai Village

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