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Monday, 17 December 2012

Superb Fruit-Dove in Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Superb Fruit-Dove

Superb Fruit-Dove is a scarce summer visitor to south-east Queensland so it was a surprise to see and hear a total of three birds this morning and yesterday afternoon near Cooloolabin in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Superb Fruit-Dove

These birds can be very difficult to see and even more difficult to photograph, so it was with some effort that I finally had this one more or less co-operating.

Superb Fruit-Dove

The fruit-doves were located separately but within a few hundred metres of each other in lowland rainforest between Yandina and Cooloolabin; two were seen and a third was heard. The forest is privately owned but anyone interested could look in the vicinity of Shrapnel Road.

Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove

Plenty of Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves were also about, including this one, along with good numbers of Wompoo Fruit-Doves.

White-eared Monarch

This White-eared Monarch put in an appearance.

Red-necked Wallaby

As did this Red-necked Wallaby.

Forest Kingfisher

A Forest Kingfisher showed nicely at Lake Cooloolabin.

Later I drove up the Mapleton Forest Drive through the newly declared Mapleton National Park. A pair of Southern Boobooks and a Greater Glider showed nicely if distantly at dusk.

Meanwhile at home at Ninderry, this Boebuck (Short-eared Brushtail) has taken up residence in a nesting box used previously by one of its kind. Boebucks occurs in the garden alongside Common Brushtails.


  1. nice stuff
    thanks for sharing

  2. Just want to say thank you for your efforts in raising the importance of the Yandina wetland. U3A Bird group visited Yandina Wetland many years ago and it is definitely worth saving. Hopefully Unitywater or the Council will put in a boardwalk sometime in the future to allow access. Thanks again for your efforts!J Coles