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Friday, 21 February 2014

Sunshine Coast Garden Birdbath

White-headed Pigeon
It has been exceptionally dry on the Sunshine Coast, with very little rain over the summer months - usually the wettest time of the year. So well-placed birdbaths in the garden are proving to be particularly popular at the moment. Here is a selection of birds which have visited the two birdbaths in my garden at Ninderry over the past couple of days. The birds can be conveniently and nonchalantly photographed from the back porch. Some of the birds look fluffed up because they have had a bath and are shaking loose the water. White-headed Pigeon is one of my favourites.

Bar-shouldered Dove

Blue-faced Honeyeater

Eastern Whipbird

Eastern Yellow Robin

Grey Butcherbird

Lewin Honeyeater

Little Wattlebird

Noisy Friarbird

Noisy Miner

Rainbow Lorikeet

White-throated Honeyeater

Brown Honeyeater
 Other visitors to the garden include a female Cicadabird which showed nicely.


 Further afield but nearby, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove and Wompoo Fruit-Dove in the rainforest at Cooloolabin.

Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove

Wompoo Fruit-Dove


  1. I'm in total awe at the variety at your birdbath; all such great photo opportunities!! Lovely photos, thanks Greg

    1. Thanks Carole. I'm in awe of them too :)

  2. Wonderful how a drought will bring birds to water. I'm a little handicapped in that department, although it has been hot and dry this summer, the birds prefer the stock-troughs and dams to birdbaths.
    I have only once seen a white-headed dove, driving up to stay at O'Reilly's it was sitting on the road once we were in the rainforest.

  3. What a wonderful variety to have visit your garden and local area. I'm visiting San Diego at the moment and they have Blue-faced Honeyeaters in the Australian section of the zoo - a bright reminder of home!

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  5. Wow. What a great number of birds to your bird bath. And I agree with you Greg. Burpengary as been just as dry this summer. We have been here since 2003 and never experienced such a dry summer. Wonderful post. Jude.