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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Eight Rail Species on Sunshine Coast

Baillon's Crake

Lewin's Rail, Pale-vented Bush-hen, Baillon's Crake and Spotless Crake were among eight rail species seen at the Cooroy sewage treatment plant on the Sunshine Coast this morning, confirming this spot as the top waterbird site in the region. The other rails were Buff-banded Rail, Dusky Moorhen, Eastern Swamphen and Eurasian Coot.

Baillon's Crake

I saw 4 Baillon's Crakes, with a couple at nicely close quarters for a change. Six Spotless Crakes were also seen and quite a few more heard.

Lewin's Rail

I heard 2 Lewin's Rails and saw one bird briefly. I've not recorded this species at the sewage ponds previously. (The bird in this image was photographed not here but at Peregian Beach.) A Pale-vented Bush-hen was seen briefly in another pond today. It should be noted that public access to the ponds has now been closed until about July next year because of infrastructure works underway.

Intermediate Egret

Some of the other regular waterbirds.

Wandering Whistling-Duck

Pied Goose

Pallid Cuckoo

Near Eumundi on the way to Cooroy, I saw this Pallid Cuckoo, always a scarce species in coastal south-east Queensland.


  1. I was very surprised when I went there too. After reading your last post a few weeks ago after you went there I couldn't resist. I had never considered going to a place like this for bird watching. I got a few nice pics while I was there too. What is it that attracts so many waterbirds to these ponds? Is it the shit in the ponds... literally or the bugs that it attracts? You would think Lake McDonald just down the road would have similar species but it is dead most of the time or very few species. You can check out my pics if you wanted on my blog. Thanks for tip to visit here. I was very pleased.

  2. Thanks for that Ashley. I've joined your blog so I'll keep an eye on your wanderings. Sewage ponds are well-known for being very attractive to waterbirds... I think it is mostly the bugs they attract.