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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Southern Emu-Wren at Evans Head

Southern Emu-wren

After a successful stay in the Border Ranges National Park in northern NSW, where multiple sightings of Rufous Scrub-bird, Albert's Lyrebird and Eastern Bristlebird made for an especially fruitful experience, we moved on to the town of Evans Head on the NSW North Coast for a few days in the town's nicely positioned caravan park-camping ground. Evans Head is sandwiched between two national parks - Bundjaling to the south and Broadwater to the north.

Southern Emu-wren

On the southern outskirts of the town, at the entrance to Bundjaling National Park, I had repeated views of a pair of Southern Emu-wrens in wallum heath. This area was believed to be the most northerly site for this species until it was found much further north in the Cooloola-Great Sandy region of south-east Queensland. The emu-wren has not been found anywhere between Cooloola and Evans Head, a distance of several hundred kilometres, despite the presence of plenty of suitable habitat.

The emu-wrens were in the wallum heath pictured above.

The view south from Evans Head over Chinaman Beach.

White-cheeked Honeyeater

It was nice to see flowering Xanthorhoea scattered throughout the heath with attendant White-cheeked Honeyeaters and honey bees (below right of image above!)

Some other critters about the place:


Great Cormorant

Little Corella

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  1. The Southern Emu Wrens are just beautiful! I would love to see these in the wild.