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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Birds in the Mangroves at Broome

A few hours in the mangroves at Broome in Western Australia last week with Bill Watson proved to be productive. We had repeated, close views of Mangrove Golden Whistler (above), though only males.

Red-headed Honeyeaters were plentiful in mangroves reached easily - a short walk behind Broome's CBD area. 

Several Broad-billed Flycatchers were encountered, here at the south-western extremity of their range. It was ironic that just last month I saw them at the south-eastern extremity of their range at Corio Bay in Queensland. (The same comment can be applied to Mangrove Golden Whistler .)

The flycatchers spent a good deal of the time among the mangrove roots at ground level searching for insects.

It was nice to see Mangrove Fantail again.

Dusky Gerygone, an endemic of the north-west Australian coast, was vocal and plentiful in the mangroves.

Yellow White-eye was also present in some numbers.


  1. I am envious of everyone of these excellent birds. Makes me want to book a plane ticket right now.
    Excellent photos

  2. Thanks Greg for the Kimberley posts

    All would be lifers for me > so look forward to dipping on all of them when we'll be in Broome in late August!

  3. Thanks Geoff. You should see them Pete, they are right near the town centre but playback is very useful