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Friday, 9 September 2011

Seabirds of the Russian Arctic

Some nice seabirds on our voyage with Heritage Expeditions to the Russian Arctic. These Thick-billed Murres were among tens of thousands of seabirds nesting at Cape Achchen on the Chukotka Peninsula.
Horned Puffins were commonly encountered during the voyage, from Anadyr in the south, to north well beyond the Arctic Circle.
 Tufted Puffin was less common but still widespread, pictured here with a Common Murre at Cape Achchen
Black-legged Kittiwake was the most numerous seabird seen during the voyage.
Of particular interest to me were the several species of auklet seen. This raft of Crested Auklets was on the water off Kolyuchin Island
 Yellow-billed Loon is a sought after species by birders visiting the Arctic. We had at least 12 birds at Kolyuchin Inlet, where it was one of three loon species and the most common loon.
Female Long-tailed Duck with young at Kolyuchin Inlet. We were in the region late August-early September so many migratory waterbirds had left. 

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