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Monday, 5 November 2012

Spring offerings from the Sunshine Coast

Black-faced Monarch

Spring sightings from the Sunshine Coast area this year include three species of monarch together at several sites; multiple sightings of Ground Parrot near Noosa; nice encounters with Marbled Frogmouth and Australian Owlet-Nightjar; and Brolga and waders at Toorbul.

White-eared Monarch
It appears that White-eared, Black-faced and Spectacled Monarchs have no trouble co-existing in at least three favoured lowland and mid-elevation rainforest sites in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Of the three, Spectacled and White-eared are resident while Black-faced is a summer migrant.

Spectacled Monarch
Wallum heath
Ground Parrots have been particularly co-operative this year, with repeated sightings from wallum heath near Noosa. On my latest visit last week, we flushed one from the side of the track within a few minutes of arriving.

Australian Owlet-Nightjar
Marbled Frogmouths are showing well again this year with two pairs in adjoining territories coming into conflict during one of my visits recently; four or five birds were vocalising noisily during the interaction. Another nice sighting was an Australian Owlet-Nightjar very close to us. Some other recent bush birds:

Shining Bronze-Cuckoo

White-breasted Woodswallow
Golden-headed Cisticola


Toorbul is just south of the Sunshine Coast municipality limits, but there are several birds that are easier to see here. They include a pair of Brolga that for several years have frequented a swamp, presently dry, between Toorbul and the Bruce Highway.

Bar-tailed Godwit & Great Knot

Waders at the high tide roost yesterday included these species.

Black-tailed Godwit


Great Knot & Red Knot

Red Knot

This appears to be a good season for Red Knot. Though still heavily outnumbered by Great Knots, about 20 Red Knots were present yesterday.

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  1. Some great birds there, wish I known a bit more when we visited Noosa in 1999, Ground Parrot would have been a really unexpected bird. The Monarchs are really smart.