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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Long-toed Stint in Brisbane

A Long-toed Stint turning up in Brisbane was hard to resist as this species is a very rare visitor to Queensland. A Long-toed Stint was first found by Ged Tranter at Tinchi Tamba Wetland in northern Brisbane on January 17. It appeared to have left the site when Michael Daley found a stint at Kedron Brook Wetland, not too far away, on January 21. Since then two Long-toed Stints have been seen together at the latter site.

I was at Kedron Brook yesterday and Chris Attewell was kind enough to point us in the direction of where the bird had been hanging out. Over the next couple of hours the stint showed nicely as it foraged among Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, Red-necked Stints and Red-kneed Dotterels at the southern end of the wetland.

With that toe showing
The bird occasionally flew short distances from this area when chased by Sharp-tailed Sandpipers but would return soon after. The stint however gave as good as it got, chasing both Red-necked Stints and Sharp-tailed Sandpipers at times. It was easy to steady the lens on the scope and watch the birds across a short stretch of water without disturbing them. It was not until later in the day it emerged that two birds were present, so I am not entirely sure that all of my images were of the same individual.

With Red-kneed Dotterel
I've seen this species in Queensland just once before – a single bird with Chris Corben at what is now Lake Bindegolly in January 1972, which at the time was the second record for Queensland.  

With Red-necked Stint

With Red-necked Stint & Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

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  1. Excellent, I enjoyed your write up and photos. Is there a information service for this type of rarity or is it just word if mouth? I'll be in the Brisbane/ Queensland area for a few months from June and if I can contribute I will.