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Friday, 12 May 2017

Camping at Noosa North Shore

We braved some lousy weather for a 3-day camping trip to Noosa North Shore, staying in the council-owned caravan park by the sea. We've stayed here a few times previously; this part of the world will one day be discovered by the tourism industry but in the meantime, it's a gem of a spot.

Bush Stone-Curlew
A pair of Bush Stone-Curlews were present around the camping ground.

With Pacific Black Ducks
As were the very tame Pacific Black Ducks which have been behaving this way for years.

Brahminy Kite
Brahminy Kites were also approachable.

Cooloola Coloured Sands

Cooloola Coloured Sands
We took a 45km drive in the new 4-wheel-drive Isuzu up the Cooloola coast to Double Island Point, admiring the coloured sands which thankfully survived attempts in the 1970s to destroy them by the sand miners who laid waste to so much of South-East Queensland's offshore islands.

I took the kayak out to the Noosa River estuary at high tide. I managed to drop my Leica ultravid binoculars in the salt water; luckily they are waterproof. Of interest was a Sanderling in nice fresh plumage. This species occurs occasionally further north at Inskip Point but is very scarce about the Sunshine Coast.

Sanderling & Red-capped Plover
It was hanging out with Red-capped Plovers and nearby was a small group of Double-banded Plovers. The only other waders present were a few Pacific Golden Plovers, Whimbrels and Bar-tailed Godwits.
Double-banded Plover
 I found a single Beach Stone-Curlew on the main island behind the river mouth. This area is closed to the public during the bird's nesting season and can generally be accessed only by boat. So both stone-curlews for this trip.

A few Mangrove Gerygones were on the island.

Mangrove Gerygone
The only terns seen were a couple of Gull-billed and a fair flock of Cresteds.  Ebird checklist.

Gull-billed Tern

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  1. Great photos! We often camp at north shore for the Australia Day long weekend-great birdlife and reptile life!