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Saturday, 15 August 2015

White-eared Monarch, Fairy Gerygone, Tasmanian Silvereye atop Mt Ninderry; Eastern Grass Owl

White-eared Monarch
I hiked to the summit of Mt Ninderry near my home and was surprised by the presence of a vocal and inquisitive White-eared Monarch in low trees atop the eastern cliff face.

White-eared Monarch
I've not seen or heard the monarch on the mountain before.

Fairy Gerygone
Also present in the same area was a party of 4 Fairy Gerygones. I've had this species once in my garden but not previously on the mountain. 

Little Shrike-thrush
The monarch and the gerygones were joined in a feeding flock by Little Shrike Thrush, Golden Whistler and Grey Fantail.

View from Mt Ninderry
The view from the summit across the Sunshine Coast to Moreton Island in the distance was stunning on a great winter day.

Silvereye Tasmanian race
Lower down the mountain I came across a flock of 100+ of the Tasmanian race of Silvereye, easily identified by its chesnut flanks. This race is an uncommon winter visitor to south-east Queensland.

Red-legged Pademelon
Elsewhere on the coast, Sarah Beavis and I saw two Eastern Grass Owls in caneland at Paradise Waters about one hour after sunset. One lightly coloured bird flew high overhead; the other, darker bird passed by at head-height. Later, Sarah sent me an image of a road-killed Eastern Grass Owl she found in 2013 not far away on the Yandina-Coolum road at Yandina Creek. This bird was found close to the recently drained Yandina Creek Wetlands.

Eastern Grass Owl roadkill - Pic Sarah Beavis

Spotless Crake continues to show well at Parklakes Wetland. I visited Mary Cairncross Park where this female Red-legged Pademelon with pouched joey was sunning itself on a log.

Australian Logrunner female
Nearby at Kondalilla National Park, a pair of Australian Logrunners showed nicely.

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