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Monday, 23 June 2014

Around Oz Part 8 - Rufous Owl Encore

Rufous Owl
Rufous Owl is always a difficult bird to connect with so I was pretty pleased to see them so well at Mataranka (see here) just a few days ago. Now I have had an even better encounter, last night here at the Mardagul camping ground in Kakadu National Park (see next post for more information about this lovely spot.)

Rufous Owl
The bird was heard calling at dusk across the billabong, a tributary of the South Alligator River, where we are camped by. A little trawling with the tape and it was here in a minute.

Rufous Owl
The bird continued calling vociferously for another hour or so. The image below is part of the paperbark-lined billabong where the bird was found.

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  1. Spectacular stuff. Such a magnificent owl and a beautiful place. I can almost imagine the sounds.