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Friday, 18 October 2013

Border Ranges National Park and Nearby Wetlands, NSW

Lamington Spiny Crayfish
We had a pleasant few days in the Border Ranges National Park in northern NSW, based at the Sheepstation Creek camping ground. This Lamington Spiny Crayfish was in a rainforest stream; I fished it out for a better look. Interestingly, the species is highly variable in colour. Those in Lamington National Park are blue; in northern NSW they are red.

Nothofagus beech forest
I was here this time last year and enjoyed multiple sightings of Rufous Scrubbird (see here). It was hotter and drier this time but I managed fantastic views of a singing male scrubbird. It was the only one I heard, although road closures prevented access to some territories. As usual, the bird would not allow itself to be photographed but the image above is where I saw it.
I called in briefly to a spot where last year a pair of vocal Eastern Bristlebirds showed well. A bristlebird was heard calling a couple of times.

Bassian Thrush
More obliging was Bassian Thrush in the camping ground at Forest Tops, up the mountain from Sheepstation Creek, where Russet-tailed Thrush was also present. Also seen in the national park were three Albert's Lyrebirds in different places.

Satin Bowerbird
Satin Bowerbird bower

The Satin Bowerbirds at Sheepstation Creek were again busy with their bower.

Black-faced Monarch
Black-faced Monarchs have returned for the summer.

Rough-scaled Snake
Among other wildlife was this Rough-scaled Snake, a venemous species.

Carpet Python
And a non-venemous Carpet Python.

Australian Logrunner - male
Australian Logrunner - female

It was nice to finally snare some decent images of Australian Logrunner.

Rose Robin
Rose Robin is resident in small numbers in these mountains, while the species is a winter visitor generally in south-east Queensland and north-east NSW.

Our camp at Sheepstation Creek - Kathy, Glenn, Greg.

Striated Thornbill
Striated Thornbill showed nicely.

Grey-headed Flying-Fox
Black Flying-Fox

After leaving the national park we found a mixed roost of Grey-headed Flying-Fox and Black Flying-Fox in a small patch of forest in otherwise cleared farmland.

Eastern Rosella
Between Kyogle and Casino I stopped for a Black-necked Stork (adult female) in a roadside wetland and was distracted by this lovely rosella.

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
I called in to the Jabiru Geneebeinga Wetlands at Casinio - or at least a nice area of swamp on both sides of the road a little east of the actual wetlands. Among the waders were about 30 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and a similar number of Red-kneed Dotterels.

Glossy Ibis
50 or so Glossy Ibis were present.

Latham's Snipe
And a Latham's Snipe showed well.

Freckled Duck & Pink-eared Ducks
At a wetland in the town of Lawrence, near the Clarence River, I found 10 Freckled Ducks amid a large flock of 300+ Pink-eared Ducks. 

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