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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Shining Flycatchers Galore on Kauri Creek

Shining Flycatcher female
We camped for a couple of nights at the Log Dump camping ground on Kauri Creek, in Tuan State Forest, north-east of Gympie.  During several kayaking forays along various mangrove-lined waterways, I saw no fewer than 14 Shining Flycatchers.

Shining Flycatcher female
I saw four pairs of Shining Flycatcher in the mangroves and six individuals - five males and a single immature female.

Shining Flycatcher male
Shining Flycatcher male
Kauri Creek
Probably the most extensive stands of mangrove I have seen in south-east Queensland were present in this area. I've never encountered sandflies as bad as this place - we had intended to stay three nights but were driven off by countless clouds of the pests. They were even flying through the campervan netting!

Collared Kingfisher
A few Collared Kingfisher were about, including this juvenile.

Azure Kingfisher
This Azure Kingfisher had caught some kind of shrimp.
Some other birds about Kauri Creek:

Whistling Kite
Little Friarbird

Little Egret

Mangrove Honeyeater

Red-capped Plover


Birds aside, I've started identifying butterflies by photograph instead of catching them in nets. Here is a pair of Orange Ringlets.

Orange-streaked Ringlet
 Back around the Sunshine Coast, a nice party of Varied Sittellas showed at Moy Pocket.

Varied Sittella
Shining Bronze-Cuckoo

As did this Shining Bronze-Cuckoo.

While a Nankeen Kestrel posed at Maroochy River with a freshly caught grasshopper.

Nankeen Kestrel



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  2. Very interesting and helpful blog Greg, much appreciated.
    I'm heading up to the Sunshine Coast next week and you've given me some great ideas as well as inspiration.
    M. Cross - Gold Coast.

  3. Thanks for that and good luck with your visit

  4. You do have some interesting post of birds far removed from mine in S.Aust., it is nice to learn more about them just in case I make it that far north again. I am glad I found the link to you on Pete's blog.

  5. Arija, thank you for your kind comments