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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Birds of Bali

Following earlier posts about birding on Bali - see here and also here - the main object of which was to see the Bali Myna (below), I've put together some more images from the island, with thanks to Barbara DeWitt for many of those appearing. Along with Bali Myna, we were keen to catch up with another regional specialty from the same family - the Black-winged Starling (above). We found them easily in Bali Barat National Park and again in the well-forested grounds of a resort near Labuhan Lalong.
It is possible that the unringed Bali Myna here is one of the very few in the region that is not the progeny of birds released after being raised in captivity.

We found this Crested Serpent-Eagle in the same resort grounds where we had loads of Black-winged Starlings..
The resort was the best site for Green Jungle-Fowl. We heard plenty earlier in Bali Barat National Park but didn't get onto them there. They can be skulkers when they want to be.

During a visit to an area of shrimp ponds in West Bali, we had nice views of Striated Swallow.
 Along with about 20 Javan Plovers. This bird was behind a Long-toed Stint, another wader we were pleased to catch up with.
There were plenty of Javan Pond-Herons about, many in full breeding plumage like this one.
Black-naped Orioles were encountered frequently about Bali.
As were Olive-backed Sunbirds, even in the gardens of busy resort areas.
White-headed Munias were easy to find but there was no sign of White-capped, a recent split from Chesnut Munia.
Streaked Weavers were busily nesting in several places although we were in Bali at the end of the wet season.
While Yellow-vented Bulbuls were abundant.

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