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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Around Oz Part 4 - Rufous Owl

Rufous Owl
As we prepared to depart our Mataranka Cabins and Campingsite camping ground this morning after a three-night stay, we were again alerted very early in the morning to the calls of a Rufous Owl, which we had heard during our first two evenings - always an hour or two before sunset. Previous attempts to call in the owls when they were heard  were unsuccessful but finally this morning, success.

Rufous Owl
The birds were most co-operative, flying over from the northern bank of the Little Roper River to where I was waiting. Not the most magnificent shots, but the best I could manage; playback was kept to the initial blast. The birds hung around from about 5.30am until it was getting light, when they were bombarded by Blue-faced Honeyeaters and other birds. Both the male and female afforded excellent views.

Rufous Owl

Little Roper River maleleuca woodland
I had spent quite some time during the day surveying the maleleuca-pandanus woodland on the eastern banks of the Little Roper River where I was sure the birds were roosting, but no success there. The above area is where the birds appeared to be roosting.
It was such a buzz to reconnect with Rufous Owl; I have seen the species only twice previously, both in Queensland. I am very fond of owls.

Lemon-bellied Flycatcher

Just as we were leaving Mataranka, it was nice to connect with Lemon-belled Flycatcher. 

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