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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lewin's Rail Out and About

Lewin's Rail
I have found Lewin's Rail at two new sites near Eumundi over the past couple of days. Two birds offered repeated, close views along a small creek. The rails are seen easily because they are inside lantana thickets. Lewin's Rail does not like to be out in the open. In my experience they are easiest to see in lantana because the vegetation cover allows the birds to be bolder; it is often possible to get yourself inside the thickets and sit quietly.
The other rails near Eumundi were nearby in wet grassland. Lewin's Rail has also been present recently at North Arm and Noosaville.

Lewin's Rail habitat - Eumundi
The first image in this post I took some time ago at Peregian Beach. The birds today and yesterday, although seen well, were always behind an abundance of twigs, blurring them in pictures. They were also shy, moving about quickly.

Black-necked Stork

An adult male Black-necked Stork was looking good in the sunlight this morning at Lake Macdonald.

Latham's Snipe
Also behaving itself camera-wise was a Latham's Snipe.

Latham's Snipe

Red-kneed Dotterel
Red-kneed Dotterels are still about the Sunshine Coast. These 5 birds were at the Maroochydore sewerage treatment works.
Pied Goose
 Meanwhile, the Cooroy sewerage treatment works have reopened after a lengthy closure due to plant renovations. Pied Goose looked smart among the spring waterlilies.

Tawny Grassbird
Tawny Grassbird and Little Grassbird were singing side by side at Cooroy.
Some other birds out and about at Cooroy:

Australian Reed-Warbler

Brown Gerygone

Fairy Martin

Red-browed Finch
 And in grassland near Eumundi, the nesting season was in evidence:

Chesnut-breasted Mannikin


Golden-headed Cisticola

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