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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Painted Honeyeater near Goondiwindi - Western Queensland Part III

Painted Honeyeater is one of my favourite birds and although I had seen it in New South Wales a couple of times, I'd not scored it in Queensland previously. So I was keen to try and catch up with it during our western Queensland trip and am pleased to report success.

After leaving the Eulo-Currawinya National Park area, we drove east to St George then south towards Goondiwindi, camping overnight by the Moonie River at a quaint place called Nindigully, which is essentially an historic hotel. This must be the only camping ground in Australia which is not only free but has free showers, which are provided by the hotel.

Painted Honeyeater

I was checking out suitable areas of mistletoe-infested brigalow as we headed east along the Cunningham Highway when I finally found an obliging pair of Painted Honeyeaters.

Painted Honeyeater

The birds were 67 kilometres west of Goondiwindi, or 2-3 kilometres east of the small settlement of Bungunya, in an area of thick roadside brigalow.

Painted Honeyeater

One of the pair in this image was captured singing its characteristic "Georgie, Georgie" call, which can be heard at a considerable distance.

Painted Honeyeater

I watched the birds for close to an hour and they were seemingly undisturbed by my presence. This image was taken after a bird robbed a cobweb, picking at insects snared in it. Both birds were also seen feeding on mistletoe berries.

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